Dôležité informácie pre médiá pred začiatkom novej rally sezóny

L Racing 10 Rally Roznava will open Slovak Rally Championship 2017. Competitive crews at the end of March will enjoy popular street circuit and traditional forest special stages. We would like to invite to this event all media representatives.

Days to start L Racing 10 Rally Roznava is running out, and together with it is running out the number of days to closure of accreditation for media representatives. Accreditation rules passed during the winter small but important modifications, which we would like to highlight. We would also like to recall some points, which sometimes accredited journalists and photographers forget.

Every journalist who is interested in accreditation in competitions Slovak Rally Championship, has till closure of accreditations sent to the address indicated on the form, on all fields filled, the application for accreditation. The application shall in addition to its data contain data of editors that his posts about the contest will be published in. All such contributions must be publicly available, ie You can not get accreditation for internal publications of competitors and for its own use. For the editors will not be accepted even page or profile on a social network. Accreditation form may not be sent unless they are holders yearlong accreditation SAMS. Those, however, are obliged by the deadline for applications to report their participation at the event, otherwise they will not be granted accreditation. Accreditation will not be granted for anybody else who will want to additionally register at the event.

Upon acceptance of the application for accreditation must each applicant register in the Press Room, where his signature confirms that understand accreditation rules and will comply with them. Accreditation of TV / Photo have the obligation of taking and wearing a vest labeled TV / PHOTO (for financial backup). Vest must every journalist wear! Each applicant for accreditation must be at least 18 years and its accreditation can not be donated or lend to anyone. Accreditation is for security reasons non-transferable! A finding of fact will result in immediate removal indication press.

Not to be forgotten their duties after the competition. Internet portals are required to publish in press releases official logo of the competition. Photographers are required to send to the email address of the organizer at least 10 photos at a resolution usable for publication in the press releases and a photo album from the competition. Video studios, in agreement with the organizer must to videos incorporate organizer logo and logos of the main partners of Slovak Championship and after the competition to supply to the organizer 4 DVDs of the competition.

Deadline for applications for accreditation to 10. L Racing Rally Roznava is set at 28 March 2017. Again, please note that after this date will not be accepted further application for accreditation. Accreditation rules and the form can be found on the website of the organizer roznava.rallye.sk.

Zdenka Tamášová
Press Officer L Racing 10 Rally Rožňava